Senior Project: Perfectly Fine


Sony NEX-5N, a set on Flickr.
Since the state of Hawaii requires it for a DOE diploma, I'll be doing a Senior Project, a self-exploratory project based on our career and/or personal interests. I've always loved photography, and since I have a camera, I thought it was a match made in heaven.

I've been playing around with Manual mode, and practicing my skills around the house and around town. In future updates, I'll be posting more photos, but for now, I've uploaded a few of my shots. As you can see, they've gotten progressively better. I just bought a UV and a Blue filter, so I've been testing them out as well.

The whole premise of my project is how post-editing alters our views of reality. It's actually my thesis statement! I'm going to challenge myself to take exceptional photos. Without post-editing. I find that natural photos are far better off without it anyway. It sort of goes to show how good or bad a photographer is, in my opninion.

I've also asked an actual professional photographer to be my mentor, and plan to go with him on future shoots. I'm looking forward to it!

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