I saw an opportunity to design a logo for Human Rights while trolling around core77. I came up with this design in a few minutes, and actually turned out better than I expected! Hit the break to see more and an explanation.

I went from the Latin symbol,Ü (meaning it sounds like saying you) and updated it a bit. I'm really loving it now that I've made it. Even if people don't get the reference, it could be seen as multiple things. For instance, it could look like who are joined together, or as a smiling face. It could also be seen as a sort of text symbol, like the copyright or registered trademark symbols. It's distinctive, meaningful, and doesn't look to shabby.
The reason I chose the letter Ü, is for the very purpose of human rights, you. I don't see human rights as being about equality, or peace. More so than anything else, I think its about celebrating our right to be ourselves, uniting to uphold the humanity in life.
It also fits in quite nicely with the name!
This was a spin off version I made. Love is one of the most essential of Human Rights. Above all else, we need to learn to love ourselves.

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