iPhone concept


My first piece of work! This one was stuck in my head for a while. I've been obsessing over 3D rendering and conceptual design. I love my iPhone, so altering it left me at a loss for ideas. I take a lot of inspiration from Andrew Kim, (who is nothing short of brilliant) and aspire to be at his level some day. Here is my first attempt at a 3D rendering of a new iPhone concept which I did in Photoshop CS4.

This is the concept: edge to edge strengthened glass, textured aluminum on the rear with a back poly-caobonate band that runs around the top for the antenna (no more "antennagate"!), and upgraded 8 megapixel camera with an LED flash. The front also sports a new HD FaceTime camera with 720p recording.

Above is the same design in white.

Above is the top and bottom. I wanted to figure out a way to add another speaker for stereoscopic sound, so I placed one on the bottom an top. I also lothe the lack of a LED notifier, it's one of the things I miss from my Droid Eris. So, the way to fix this without sacrificing design or functionality is to micro-perferate the On/Off switch and place an LED light inside it (sort of the same concept of the MacBook Pro's LED notifier).

Above is an example of the LED notifier.

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